Game TypeSlots
Max Win32400
Initial DownloadNo Download Needed

It is your job to gather the crew, but beware of the scary looking men, for they are scary looking but a very enthusiastic group of pirates who will invite you to join them on deck for a drink and a big bite of meat. There are Jack Hawkins, Captain Flint and Captain John Silver himself, and a lovely pirate to accompany you through such game time.

The game is presented in a 6X5 reel format, with an additional horizontal reel above the 2, 3, 4, and 5 reels, and from your home to an exotic island, the Treasure Island slot machine will make you feel like a pirate in search of treasure.

There are several game symbols in the game that are related to the theme, the map and captain are special symbols in the game, the scatter symbol is the map which brings free spins and the wild symbol is the captain of the ship which can replace other high payout symbols but not the scatter symbol.


When you hit the jackpot while playing Treasure Island slots, you must win five times in a row. Each time you win, the multiplier increases and you can win unlimited free games. With Treasure Island Slots, you’ll have no doubt that you’ll win or lose, and you’ll see your money grow as the news spreads.


Treasure Island Slots is the perfect combination of big jackpots and big fun with 30 paylines. Spin the reels and match symbols anywhere on the adjacent reels and you’ll win. It’s that simple!