Dragon Ball Dozer

Game TypeOther types
Max Win1000X
Initial DownloadNo Download Needed
BonusBonus Game

This is a very unusual gambling game from CQ9 Gaming. Bounce your coins on the coin table in one of the most exciting new casino games, which promises to bring you all the excitement and fun that a great gambling game should have.

Dragon Ball Dozer is available in a variety of languages, with simple gameplay paired with a sophisticated design that will give you an adrenaline rush as you push coins to win. You’ll want to allocate your funds in detail in this game, and if you’re a fan of Dragon Ball, then you’ll be happy to see that this new Dragon Ball Dozer game from CQ9 makes it possible for you to shoot for the stars and get those coins on the move, and you’ll be able to see your fortune unfold

One of the most special and fun things about playing Dragon Ball Dozer is that you will have the opportunity to participate and take part in many betting features. There are 8 types of bonus symbols in the game, and after these bonus symbols fall into the platform, you will start using your money to make it fall into your pocket, and believe me, you will be so attracted to this Dragon Ball Dozer game that you will want to spend more time on it.

Dragon Golden Wheel

When you enter the Golden Wheel game mode, every player has the chance to wake up the dragon, bets or dragon balls can be pushed to win and you can get multiple rewards, as long as your reels land on 9, you can get a higher multiplier and have the chance to reach 1000 times the bonus.