Chicky Parm Parm

Game TypeVideo Slots
Max Win200X
Initial DownloadNo Download Needed
BonusMultiplier , Free Spins , 4 Reels

‘Chicky Parm Parm’ brings another cool creation to the CQ9 free online slots series. Named after the strange bubble-like symbols that pop up on the board, Chicky Parm Parm is set on a sandy beach with the board set in rock formations. There are four reels and four rows of symbols, all in groups of small, brightly colored characters. When they participate in the winning line, they will turn to look at you and then suddenly disappear.

Chicky Parm Parm is a 4×4 reel slots game that is reminiscent of many popular computer games of old, with sunny sandy beaches and azure waters, set to a breezy soundtrack, as everything starts with a 4×4 playing field that can be increased to 6×6, thus creating huge clusters that can lead to huge wins.

The game will distribute the symbols with corresponding amount on each line.

If the symbols combination matches the instructions of points, the players can win the corresponding points. At the same time,the system will create new symbols ombination until no matching to the instructions of points.

The lowest requirement of Round 1:consecutive 4 or more identical color;

The lowest requirement of Round 2:consecutive 5 or more identical color;

The lowest requirement of Round 3:consecutive 6 or more identical color

If the player exit during the game, it means the player voluntarily give up the current status of the game. When re-enter, the player needs to start from the beginning.

As you progress through the levels, the symbols change – the ball becomes a cartoon character in each level. While there are no specific bonus rounds and limited bonus features, it’s fun to watch the symbols develop .

The colorful feathered owl is a special symbol in the game, and you get free spins whenever the owl appears in the reels, and these eliminated game symbols are converted into bonuses when the game goes into free spins.