Beauty And The Kingdom

Game TypeSlots
Max Win500X
PlatformJS, HTML5
Initial DownloadNo Download Needed

Beauty And The Kingdom takes you to a magical kingdom and few slots make such a splash as this video slot, which is unique in its amazing Wild, FreeSpins and Feature symbols, which all help to increase your winnings. Anyone can win a lot of glittering treasures.

Beauty And The Kingdom is presented as a 5X4 reel with a beautiful mountainous, rural landscape in the background, enjoy the beauty symbols, mythical creatures, flowers and other symbols falling in matching locations to win lavish expenses. Red means wealth, while yellow means cash in the casino, you need to play our slots game in HD and slide to get lots of valuable prizes.

There are two special symbols in the game, two special symbols, one is the bonus symbol that brings free spins and gives the player 3 free spins, and one is the wild symbol, which can be carried instead of all game symbols except the bonus symbol.

Enjoy the beauty symbols including mythical creatures (phoenixes), big red flowers and jeweled birds, jeweled butterflies, and other symbols that fall in matching positions to win extravagant expenses.

Beauty And The Kingdom has 50 payline slots and the theme revolves around ancient history and mythology. With its eye-catching handcrafted animations, Beauty And The Kingdom slots are brought to life to reveal a conscious and mysterious kingdom. You can bet on these 50 paylines as long as you like.