Fishing game full of fun

Fish shooting game is not a game where you buy bullets with real money. In, each fish shot by the player is awarded with different points. Over the past decades, fish games have become increasingly popular around the world, especially in Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia. You just need to visit Win city fish shooter and start playing to win cash easily.

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Get high bonuses in Win city fish shooting

All the game items in Win city Fish Shooter give players high bonuses for shooting these fish or other characters that have different bonus amounts.

If players have sufficient funds on hand, you can use these sufficient funds to buy shooting weapons, it is recommended to avoid wasting bullets on small fish. Players can instead shoot high paying fish such as sharks and mermaids. The more fish you hit, the higher your rank will be. If you encounter a tool fish while shooting, you will get another bullet.

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Featured games at Wincity168

Fishing II
Fishing II

The game curtain opens with soft music, rising bubbles, and the game room you can choose to enter, these game areas represented by different fish are also marked with different odds, this fish shooting game provided by ylgaming software provider, puffer fish, turtles, octopus, sharks, all these fish have different bonus odds, easy to play shooting game, exciting, and special game formula, bring a lot of fun to the life of the Philippine players.

Royal Fishing
Royal Fishing

This classic online fish shooting game developed by JILI is different from the previous fish shooting games by adding dinosaur characters to the game and making Win city’s Royal Fishing

All-star Fishing

These characters are very popular in fish shooting games, octopus, dinosaurs, water monsters, network mode fishing game, allowing you to play with friends across regions and around the world. Powerful visual impact and stereo sound effects allow Filipino players to enjoy the most exciting fish shooting experience in Win city. Just keep playing to improve the performance of your weapons and instantly challenge the big bosses Collect bonus fish, defeat the bosses and reward different prizes!

Dragon Fishing2

Dragon Fishing2 is filled with adorable sea creatures and magnificent dragons. It also comes with a special system and 5 random multiplier bonuses as the scenes change every 5 minutes. The thrilling visual feast highlights the joy it brings to players. The online shooting fish game Dragon Fishing2, provided by FA chai for Win city, invites players to shoot it and receive rewards when special game conditions occur and the glowing golden dragon swims around the game screen with lots of bonuses on him.

Jhandi Munda
Star Hunter

In the future may be a generation full of robots, human beings in order to protect their homes, must take up their own weapons, and these AI artificial intelligence to fight, this new shooting fish game Star Hunter by FA chai, in Win city is a special existence, in these games with fish as the main character, they bring players a special experience, the game’s big bosses are machine sharks, machine burst dragon, the more special animals are lion, leopard and unicorn shark.

Teen Patti
Monkey King Fishing

Many Asians know the classic story “Sun Wukong wreaks havoc on the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea”, which is a classic mythical story. In this special round, players will gather together to fight against the Monkey King, and if they succeed, they will be rewarded with up to 300 times their bets. If you like Chinese legends, then you can’t miss Monkey King Fishing.

Get fish shooting bonuses in Wincity168

There are several important objectives that you should not miss when you want to be rewarded with fish shooting in Wincity168. When choosing your favorite shooting game, all you have to do is to check the payout table, see how the game is played and what are the important character objectives among them.

The aim, Each Fish

Most players focus on shooting the big fish to win more and ignore the small ones. This is a game where you can really compete with others and win real prizes by placing bets and then shooting at the smaller fish in the game. The more you play, the more tips and tricks you’ll get to win! When you aim at the fish, then fire the gun. The main purpose of this activity is to earn points by shooting as many fish as possible.

Concentrate on the game

Noisy backgrounds can interfere with concentration, so the entire volume can be an obstacle. It is important to place your equipment in a quiet and calm place. It is important to learn the skill of ignoring them. You can achieve it by thinking fast and focusing on the game. This game will make you nervous and tense. Take a deep breath, unclench your fists and relax.

Killing the boss is main

Always remember: killing bosses is your ultimate goal, get to the boss level faster by killing bigger fish and don’t forget to activate special weapons. Fight and destroy evil enemies and bosses while collecting gold coins, power-ups and points. As your victories increase, your rewards will also increase.

Apply algorithms

According to the algorithm, ammunition will be sorted from 1st to nth accordingly. The algorithm needs to change in different situations; a larger percentage of fish deaths means victory.

Playing fish shooting game is very simple. It is not difficult for beginners to shoot with just one finger. The more Filipino players shoot, the more money they earn, and Wincity has several new shooting game applications created by Wincity’s team of experts. For entering the ancient times of, there are thousands of palaces and temples, beautiful murals and deeper paintings at the bottom of the sea. No player knows how successful these fish cargo are sea monsters will be, but they must be stopped immediately. Now play online shooting games at Wincity and defeat these evil guys! Android and iOS mobile devices have been launched and are more popular than many other games on Google Play, to defeat opponents and use their powers to shoot down the terrible monsters of the sea, you need to have a certain level of skill.